We are a consulting firm specializing in community-based work with and for Indigenous communities, organizations and peoples:

Facilitation & Training

  • Community Engagements
  • Conferences
  • Executive Network Events
  • Presentations
  • Workshop Design & Delivery


  • Business plans
  • Community Comprehensive Plans
  • Economic Development Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Program, Implementation & Work Plans
  • Strategic Plans
  • Tourism Plans


  • Asset, Program & Service Mapping
  • Document & Data Review
  • Economic Leakage Studies
  • Environmental & Jurisdictional Scans
  • Interviews & Focus Groups
  • Online & Print Surveys
  • Promising Practices & Case Studies

Review & Evaluation

  • Gap Analysis
  • Indicator Assessment & Development
  • Needs & Market Assessment
  • Organizational Review & Evaluation
  • Policy Review & Evaluations
  • Program Review & Evaluations

Web Development, Support & Programming

  • Digital Archive & Content Management Systems
  • Online Consultation Tools
  • Online Economic Toolkits
  • Subscriptions Support Services
  • Websites

Writing & Policy Development

  • Curriculum
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Toolkits

Why Hire Us?

We are not your typical consulting firm. We specialize in Indigenous community-based consulting. What sets us apart?

We approach our work with an unparalleled combination of respect, quality, impact:

Respect – We conduct community-based work with our clients and communities. This means we listen and we collaborate, with the goal of offering our skills to help you achieve your goals. We are a relationship-focused company, developing meaningful relationships that extend beyond the life of projects.

Quality – We hold our work to the highest standard of quality. We are keen listeners, skilled researchers and facilitators and experts in our fields. We work with clients to ensure they are extremely satisfied.

Impact – Our work is meaningful and results oriented. We go beyond research to produce, oversee and evaluate the implementation of plans. If you are ready for positive change, but just need some support, we’re your firm!

We train & hire your community members

We sub-contract work to members of the communities with which we work. We often hire youth and/or student research assistants and facilitators, hire Elders and knowledge keepers as advisors and train and hire youth and/or student interns as co-researchers.

We help you get funding

No funding? No problem! We help underfunded communities and organizations to obtain the funding they need to pursue projects that will make an important impact in their communities. We have a top proposal writing team, knowledge of existing funding and a proven track record of winning bids.