Ashley Sisco, PhD, Owner & Principal Consultant

Specializations: Education & Community Economic Development

For the past 15 years, Ashley Sisco has been using her skills as a listener, facilitator, problem solver and writer to support First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities and organizations in Canada to achieve their goals. In addition to communities, she has worked with all levels of government, universities, school boards, non-profit organizations, and businesses on projects involving Indigenous communities. As a part time Academic with Western University, Ashley is committed to lifelong learning. She has a strong and diverse educational background (PhD in Education, MA in Canadian Studies and BA (Hons.) in Anthropology), but has learned the most from the communities with which she works.


Alisha Fowler

Director of Operations

Jana George

Research Associate

Tehya Quachegan

Research Assistant

Shawn Savage

Office Manager

Associates & Community Co-Researchers

Russell Evans, PhD

Research Associate

Victoria Tenasco, MA, PhD (in progress)

Cultural Curriculum & Program Development

Sheila Grantham

Decolonizing Education, Metis Research Ethics & Indigenous Research Methodologies

White-Lightning Strikes Clark

Economic Development & Facilitation

Angel French

Strategic Planning & Community Engagement

Steven Vanloffield, PhD

Indigenous-Government Relations & Reconciliation

Rodney Nelson, PhD

Governance, Education & Economic Development

Adam Sisco, B.Sc

Web Developer, Support & Programmer

Portia Shipman

Events, Logistics and Continuous Learning